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Knowledgeable & Well Prepared

I am so glad I found this firm in the computer web search. Mr. Seth Holliday is knowledgeable well prepared . He went to my adjudication well prepared and countered every remark the social security rep said. I had been fighting the social security system since 2010 getting denied time after time. I had retained another firm that did nothing for me. They wanted me to do all of there leg work. I fired the other firm ran a google search found McMahon. read the reviews called spoke to Julie. i look OK because of all of my ailments are internal . I met Julie she met, me in the rain at Food Lion gave her all of my records paperwork denial letters . Corresponded Julie . She was a peach of a person very smart kind always time for me. I got my adjudication date. Met Mr, Holliday he was so smart knowledgeable needless to say thanks to having a good lawyer on my side I Won my case. I had been fighting since 2010. Thank you so very much Julie & especially Mr. Seth Holliday. deeply appreciate having your team on my side.
– D.Z.


Seth has always been compelled to excel, whether it meant earning his Eagle Scout as a teenager, participating in theater, debate and varsity football in high school, his Rhodes Scholar candidacy in college, or opening his own law firm. He also perseveres in situations others might shy away from, whether it involves sky-diving, rappelling down a mountain, white-water rafting, participating in marathons and triathlons, writing a novel, or lecturing nationally to large audiences about the vagaries of ERISA.


Seth is committed to serving disabled individuals. He is proud of his work in prominent organizations such as the American Association for Justice (AAJ), the Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) and Hospice. Seth is past-Chair of both AAJ's & TBA's Disability Law Sections, past-President of the Chattanooga Trial Lawyers Association, a 2-time recipient of the Pro Bono Excellence Award, and a 7 year member of the Board of Directors for Hospice of Chattanooga.